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$99/month - paid monthly

$79/month - paid annually



AU$99/month - paid monthly

AU$79/month - paid annually


Customer Management (CRM)

  • Advanced Customer Profile
  • Stored Vehicle Data
  • Vehicle Image Library
  • Full Job History
  • Customer & Job Specific Notes
  • Advanced Customer Communication

Easily Accessible Work Calendar

  • Multiple Calendar Views (i.e. Daily, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Job Details on Daily View
  • Drag & Drop Display
  • Manage Calendar for Single or Multi-Crew
  • Easily Distinguish Between In-house & Remote Jobs.

Invoicing & Online Payments

  • Send Pay Requests Directly From Your Phone
  • Custom Automated or Manual Deposits
  • Incentivize Tips
  • Itemized & Editable Invoicing

Real-Time Notifications

  • Fully Customizable Text/Email Alerts for Employees & Customers Based on Job Activity
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders for Customers and Employees
  • Payment Received Notifications
  • Review Request Notifications
  • Estimate Follow Up Notifications

Online Booking Portal

  • Compatible with All Devices
  • Online Packages and Add-Ons Customized by Vehicle Type
  • Jobs Auto Scheduled Based on Customer Selections & Required Time
  • Simple Rebooking


  • Business Insights for Growth & Improved Revenue

User Setup

  • Customizable Detail Packages & Services
  • Quick Start Using Setup Wizard
  • Create Custom Discounts/Promo Codes
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