Frequently Asked Questions

Does this software work for mobile detailers?

Absolutely! Detail Bookie works with any onsite and offsite detailer, even those with multiple work bays!



Is there a limit to the amount of users/employees that can use the software?

Nope! You can have as many people using the software as you want!



Who do you integrate with to collect payment?

We currently integrate with square to receive payments. If you do not have a Square account, click HERE to create one for free!

Is there an app for the software?

The software is cloud-based and has been designed to be viewed primarily on a mobile device. It can be accessed using any web browser. 

Does it come with pre-built packages?

Absolutely! We know packages and pricing can be a tedious task for busy detailers, which is why we have pre-built options available for you! You can edit and customize these options to fit your business needs or create your services and packages from scratch, if you prefer. 

Will I be able to add my company logo?

Does it allow tips, surcharge, taxes, etc?

Yes it does! Your detail software will be able to calculate all of the necessary charges and fees.

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